Monday, July 16, 2018

Rahman Ghassemlou

#Carol_Prunhuber, author of "The life and death of Rahman Ghassemlou":, "#Ghassemlou is a significant part of Kurdish history, a charismatic leader who spoke nine languages and had an appealing sense of humor. He was a man who stayed democrat even when this quality worked against him. Although terrified of dying in Europe, Ghassemlou’s death was a statement. He died while having a dialogue with one of the most despotic regimes of the world, Islamic Republic of Iran".

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Anthony Scaramucci former White House Director of Communications: USA support the Kurdistan!

تیرۆری دوكتۆر قاسملوو

ھەوڵدان بۆ وەگڕخستنەوەی پەروەندەی تیرۆری د.قاسملوو لە لایەن ئـێرانەوە، ئـەرکی سەرەکی ئـێمەیە. 
تاوتوێ کردنی ئـەم باسە لەگەڵ ئـەندامانی کۆنگرێس 'گوس بلەڕاکس و ڤاڵ دەمینگس' و 'رودی جولیانی' ڕاوێژکای تایبەتی سەرۆک ترەمپ
ڕەحیم ڕەشیدی

Thursday, July 12, 2018

ئەمریکاو ئیدارەی هاوبەش لە کەرکووک

FBI relationship with the Kurdistan


QUESTION: Thank you very much. Rahim Rashidi from Kurdistan TV. My question is: Do you have any office in KRG, Kurdistan Regional Government, and how you describe your relationship with Peshmerga? Because we know the Peshmerga capture many member of the ISIS, including U.S. citizens.
MR PIRO: So we have personnel throughout that region. We have personnel strategically located. Some of those positions or some of those locations are acknowledged; others are not. So I will tell you we have folks in – throughout that region. Because of ongoing matters, I don’t really want to discuss where we have everyone. We recognize – again, as I mentioned earlier, every partnership is key for us. Every relationship is important because of the value – as you mentioned, the information sharing, the intelligence, the cooperation that we gain. The FBI is committed to those partnerships and those relationships and to our mission. 
As you mentioned, ISIS is a significant threat really to the entire world, not just the United States or to that region or that part of the world. It is starting to affect everywhere – again, as I mentioned earlier, what has transpired in Europe and things like that. So our effort to work with everyone and anyone that can jointly support the FBI’s effort, the FBI will pursue that relationship or that partnership.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

چالاكی پێشمه‌رگه‌ له‌ رۆژهه‌ڵات

ته‌نیا كۆماری سێداره‌و كلك و پێونده‌كانی ئه‌و رژیمه‌ ده‌وزه‌خیه‌یه‌ كه‌ له‌ چالاكی و هه‌ڵسوورانی سه‌ركه‌وتوانه‌ی پێشمه‌رگه‌كانمان توڕه‌ن.
پێشمه‌رگه‌ قاره‌مان و دوژمن به‌زێنه‌كانی كوردستان، ده‌ست و مه‌چه‌كی شێرانه‌تان پڕ له‌ گوڵ ده‌گووشین!
ره‌حیم ره‌شیدی

It is only the Islamic Republic of Iran that with their spear of influence across the country border around it have been sensibly displeased by the news of positive activities by Kurdish forces peshmerga in Eastern Kurdistan. As always my word is that, all the support with the peshmerga and that they never leave my thoughts.
Thanks for your service and God bless you all.
Rahim Rashidi