Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dear respected Kurdish community

As you all know we are getting close to Newroz. There is going to be an event on March 17 at Reston Town Center from 10am to 4pm to celebrate Newroz organized by Iranian community. We would like to participate as Kurds by having our Exhibition.  We have a team of young Kurdish dancer along other activities.  

I cordially invite all of you to participate on this day and share our culture with other nations. According to the  participance from last year, there would be about 15k to 20k visitors therefore it is a good Opportunity for all of us to stay together as one nation and Introduce the best of our culture , dancing , dress , and more with others. Please go ahead and share this email with others.  We need to be there as the Washington metro area Kurdish community.  Also they are open for any ideas or suggestions that to making their performance better.

Hope to see you all there and please contact the following persons for any questions, suggestions and ideas.  

The Festival is held at Reston Town Center. Street parking is available. The address is:

11900 Market St
Reston, VA 20190

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