Sunday, May 23, 2021

Previous Next Behind Iran’s Support For The Hamas War On Israel

Rahim Rashidi, a journalist and a member at the Gold for International Strategy in Washington, D.C. who is known as Mr. Kurd, a nickname given to him by President Trump, believes that Iran’s destabilizing behaviors has been ongoing for four decades: “The escalation of hostilities in the region instigated by Iran and it’s proxies against anti-Iran forces especially Israel is in line with Iran’s four decade old policy of creating chaos in the region to divert attention from its domestic repression and external meddling.”
He believes that the conflict is related to the tensions between the West and Iran, cautioning, “most importantly, this latest rift between Israel and the Arabs is due to a change in the western stance towards Iran.”
Rashidi believes that the Iran-backed groups behavior is dependent on the strength or weakness of Iran: “The more international pressure is on Iran, the less the regime is inclined to push its proxy groups to start violence.
“We have witnessed that over the past four years the threats of military action against Iran has made the regime think twice before doing anything,” he added, thus linking the recent events to the peace process in the region. “As you know, Iran uses Hamas in Gaza to trigger a limited war as a strategy to destroy the Abraham Accords in 2021. This is like Iran’s use of Hezbollah in Lebanon to trigger a limited war as a strategy to destroy the Cedars Revolution in 2006.

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