Friday, May 3, 2013

Kurdish American Heritage Month

The Kurdish Heritage Month in Fairfax County was a great success. We are truly blessed with a great champion of diversity, human rights, women rights, refugee and newcomers in Fairfax County! Especially we are honored to have Chairman Sharon Bulova Proclamation to declare May the Kurdish American Heritage Month in Fairfax County. We are proud of you Chairman Bulova!

About Fairfax County, Virginia:
Fairfax County is a county in Virginia, in the United States. As of 2012, the population of the county is 1,118,602, making it the most populous jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with 13.6% of Virginia's population. Wikipedia
Area: 407 sq miles (1,054 km²)
Founded: 1742
Population: 1.101 million (2011)
Unemployment rate: 3.7% (Dec 2012)
County seat: Fairfax

Rahim Rashidi

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