Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turkey prevents Ismail Beşikçi from visiting US

Rasheed Rahimi 
BasNews, Turkey
Security officials in Istanbul Ataturk Airport have prevented the Turkish scholar and writer, Ismail Beşikçifrom flying to the United States.
Beşikçi, known for his pro-Kurdish sympathies, was invited to participate in two seminars on the Kurdish issue, managed by the Kurdish Society Organization in the US, but his travel was blocked by security officials in Ataturk Airport.
Airport security has not published any statement about their cancellation of Beşikçi’s trip. 
In 2014, officials in Toronto Airport did not allow Khayro Abbas, a well-known Kurdish singer, to fly to the United States to perform in a ceremony held in commemoration of the anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdistan Republic in Mahabad.
Many Kurdish activists in North and West Kurdistan, like Shivan Perwer who has attended ceremonies organized by the PKK, are not allowed to visit the US, but this is the first time a scholar like Beşikçi has been banned.

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