Monday, March 17, 2014

Kurds ask US to officially recognize Kurdish Genocide

Rahim Rashidi
The United States has been asked to officially recognize the Kurdish Genocide. The Kurdish council in New York made the request at Binghamton University, at a seminar held to commemorate the Anfal campaign that took place in Halabja.

The head of the Kurdish Organization in the US, Nergiz Taha, said in the seminar that the organization wants Kurdish youth as well as foreigners to learn about the history of Kurdish people.
The seminar featured a screening of an Al-Jazeera documentary about the Anfal campaign. Participants, including Kurdish students based in the US and some American lecturers, asked questions about the Anfal campaign and the Halabja chemical attack.

The representative of the KRG in Washington, Karwan Zebari, and writer and university lecturer Mujahid Blichi emphasized the efforts taken by the Kurdish people to push US Congress to officially recognize Kurdish Genocide.

Kurdish people in  the diaspora tend to commemorate Halabja’s Anfal campaign differently, and this is especially so in the US.

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